Help Learn Asia

About us

HelpLearn.Asia is a brand new seminar that focuses on the real-life implementation of integrated online marketing and digital campaigns. This event is created to allow attendees to get to the basics with no fluffy speeches, draggy keynotes and/or death-by-jargon.

HelpLearn.Asia is perfect for small medium enterprises (SMEs), startups, marketers and anyone who want to truly understand online marketing. Not just theories, but also hard facts and statistics to back it up. The goal is to allow attendees to become proficient in industry best practices in all-available online marketing channels.

Esteemed speakers will come from all over the world to share the secrets of their success with attendees. Prominent speakers based in Asia will also be present to offer their unique localized knowledge. Currently, the speakers have already confirmed their involvement with the seminar will hail from the US, South Africa, Singapore, UK and more.

The topics, which will be covered at the event include: